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Newcomer Settlement Services  :

Congratulations!You have taken a big step after your success Immigration . Moving to a new country takes courage. It also creates exciting opportunities and new beginnings.

We promise that we help you adapt to your new life in Canada. Be assured that those who already live in Canada add their wishes for your happiness and success in your new community.

You will find many websites on the Internet explaining how to take care of paperwork and other such "official business". But day-to-day practicalities - details about your living costs, transportation, opening a bank account, starting a new business, renting or buying a house, and so on - are much harder to come by . . . so why learn the hard way? EasyCome is your answer ! 

How we can help?

Airport Pickup: Transportaion will be arranged from Toronto Airport to your pre-arranged accomodation in London.

Filling out documents: Including applications for landed status and citizenship, child tax benefits, Canadian Passports, social insurance numbers (SIN), health insurance cards, translation of documents, open banks accounts... and more.

Accomodation: A suitable short term hotel or furnished apartment will be arranged for the nights immediately following arrival in Canada. Long term furnished/unfurnished accomodation will be arranged following a chance to learn more about what the client prefers. A more permanent residence will be located in accordance with the budget that newcomers are willing to allocate. 

Property management: Residential and Commercial.

Also, we can link you with Social Services including :Financial Assistance,  Health Care, Local Community Services, and Orientation.

"EasyCome your partner for smooth settlement"

London and Toronto Canada

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